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Author: Sagneet Kaur 

The recent incidents  have shed light on one of the major issues faced by schools today i.e. i.e. safety of students in the school premises. Though everyone talks about it, still we are not able to come up with any concrete solution. Though Safety and Security are often used interchangeably, they have a marginal difference. Safety is about being protected from harm or any undesirable outcome while Security is the degree of protection from harmful and undesirable condition. The safety concerns in the school space is not only physical but pyscho-social too.

inside outside the school

Also, safety is not limited to only safety within school premises but also outside the school’s compound. This requires a collaborative effort by principals, teachers, parents and students.


A research conducted by LXL Ideas on identifying challenges faced by schools in 2017 revealed that 79% of school principals in India accept safety and security to be one of the top five challenges faced by them. The data also highlighted that for majority of them creating emotionally safe environment in schools is the biggest challenge followed by training the staff and parents on safety protocols. For more than half of school prinicipals ensuring infrastructural and physical safety of children was an iminent concern.

As our team pondered on this problem, we realised that our work on making schools safe and secure places to learn for all should be directed to answering these questions: What are the parameters that make up safe and secure environment? what are the appropriate measures that school need to take in order to make schools safe for students? Who should implement these measure and how? Answering these questions would enable us to come up with practical workable solutions to the problem.

Thus, an initiative by LXL Ideas to conduct a pan India research on understanding the present status of school safety began few months back. The research aims to equip our school leaders and policy makers with resources required to make informed decisions on student safety and security. The results of this research will be disclosed exclusively in the “Mentor Conclave 2017”- our quest to Identify, Inspire, and Empower School Leaders who are Questioning and Co-creating Education, in Bangalore on 1 & 2 December, in a specially curated session on “School Safety”.

Please feel free to share your views and recommendations on making schools-a safe haven for our students. Write back to us at, we would be really happy to acknowledge your valuable contributions.

About the Author

DR. Sagneet Kaur

Dr. Sagneet Kaur is working with LXL Ideas in the research and development domain. She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, and has more than 9 years of experience in the area of cognitive developmental and applied psychology.  Her doctoral research entitled “Facilitating Ego-Identity Formation in Adolescents: A Psycho-Educational Intervention” was to design and test the impact of identity related intervention on process of ego-identity establishment in adolescents. She was appointed Research Intern/Fellow by Maulana Azad National Fellowhip, under the UGC grant, which included full time teaching assignments for postgraduate students in the university. In between she has always maintained connect with the industry by leveraging her skills in the domain of behavioral sciences to develop marketing and pre-launch plans for various companies. Applied psychology and impact measurement have been her areas of major interest throughout her short career. In this article of Mentor, she shares research driven facts related to the usage of social media by children in the age group of 8-16.

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