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Author:Syed Sultan Ahmed

Safety of Students is a prime concern of Principals these days

In LXL, our mission is to keep adding value to the life of students, educators and parents. As part of our ongoing efforts in the last two decades to understand the Indian educational system better our research team carried out an extensive on the ‘Top Challenges Faced by School Principals Across India.’ The results in order of priority were as follows:

  • Students’ Safety (Emotional, Physical and Social Safety, Awareness/ Training for Teachers/ Staff/ Students’/ Parents etc.)
  • Developing Students’ Life Skills, Values, and Attitude etc.
  • Improvement in Students’ Academic Performance
  • Quality of Teachers (Teachers’ Subject Knowledge, Communication Skills, Class Management etc.)
  • School Safety (Security Systems In School, Disaster ManagementMechanisms, Mock Drills, Certifications etc.)

The results say that Safety of Students is a prime concern of Principals these days. The recent gruesome incidences of school children being subjected to abuse and even murder explain the reason, why.

Such incidences has led to the skewed focus on children safety from a physicality point of view and schools are all gearing up to install CCTVs in school premises, RFID’s on children and some more band-aid solutions to ride the tide. However, our law-makers and the regulatory bodies are still handling the situation in the worst possible manner by just being reactive, shortsighted and shallow in their approach. The latest diktat of telling schools to do a psychometric test for all their teachers and staff is as obtuse as it sounds. For the matter of fact there is no psychometric test that can give a reasonably accurate prediction if the individual has abusive tendencies. Moreover the ones who interpret these tests would have to be supremely experienced to even remotely suggest that someone has a tendency to be abusive. All in all this is a futile exercise to calm the media and society till another instance occurs.

If you choose to be a change maker, your first step is to learn something new

At LXL, we have put together the learning from our research into an interesting framework for ‘Safe Schools’. Making children feel safe in schools and ensuring the safety of all stakeholders like teachers cannot be a one-sided affair, it has to have a holistic approach. At the Mentor Conclave this year we will be sharing this study for the first time. The purpose of sharing this study would be to invite schools to join us in this quest of ours to make schools safer. We would want to work very closely with the schools who choose to partner with us in this long-term extensive study. Our goal is to bring out the learnings from these studies and share it with schools across the country. Taking this further we intend to White Papers that could be shared with the HRD Ministry to influence policy on Safe Schools.

The session on Safe Schools will be one of the highlights of Mentor Conclave 2017 along with many other innovatively designed session and very effective speakers.

As I pen this article I realise how quickly the time flies. Another year is bidding us goodbye with a lesson- ‘we only have today to make a difference’. If I share what I learned over the years… It is that the ones who learn constantly have the ability to adapt and change the world around us. If you choose to be a change maker, your first step is to learn something new. What’s a better way than to make a list for what new you want to learn in 2018.

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Ms. Syed Sultan Ahmed
A 1st Generation entrepreneur, Sultan is the founder of LXL Ideas (formerly EduMedia) an
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