Ms. Shama Parkhe

Ms. Shama Parkhe is a passionate mental health warrior with a qualification in M.Sc. Psychology (Clinical). She co-founded Hank Nunn Institute, a registered charitable trust, in July 2014, and presently works in the capacity of a Clinical Director. Hank Nunn Institute (HNI) is a not-for-profit organisation working towards developing affordable, accessible, culturally congruent treatment, awareness, and training services in the field of mental health. Ms. Parkhe has a keen interest in developing alternatives to traditional mental health practices by involving the larger community, and shares the dream of setting up therapeutic communities for people with personality difficulties in India. She believes in the efficacy of group processes and aims at creating safe, reflective, and therapeutic spaces for groups of people experiencing relational struggles. While she considers psychotherapy to be a gift that can be given to ourselves as well as others in facilitating our journeys of personal growth and wellness, she sheds some light on these issues in the school spaces in this article for MENTOR magazine.

Mental Health in Schools

An increasing awareness of mental health issues has given rise to discussions