Mr. Satya Ramesh

Mr. SATYA RAMESH Presently working as an Assistant Professor of Psychology in Amity University, Gwalior; Mr. Satya Ramesh has been a teacher of both Psychology and Mathematics for Senior Secondary and Secondary classes respectively for the past sixteen years. With a qualification in Psychology, Education and Counseling and a keen interest in those fields, Mr. Ramesh shares with MENTOR his perspective on how we can muster inspiration from our surroundings to reinvent teaching styles and draws a parallel to learning from nature.

Improving Instruction – Identifying gaps in teachers’ performances and how can it be addressed

Monitoring the performance of a teacher is a scientific process which has to be carried out in a manner where there is no room for subjectivity or personal bias


When you have already tried your hand at Power Point presentations, class activities and everything inside and outside the box, how do you reinvent teaching? How do you keep the fire going?

Syllabus Completion

A teacher falling short of time to uncover the syllabus has become a common phenomenon in most of the schools these days.