Prachi Misra

Ms. Prachi Misra is a researcher at LXL Ideas Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore. She holds a Masters degree in Women’s Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and Honors in Political Science from Lady Sri Ram College, University of Delhi. Ms. Misra has worked on various research based policy advocacy projects focused on the gender dynamics of livelihood, life-skills education, climate change and agricultural economy. Her primary research interest and prior publications revolve around issues involve feminist perspectives of life skills education, environment, religion and popular culture. She was also an editorial columnist for The Lucknow Tribune and Head Editor for Scintilla Magazine initiated by Medical Students Association of India (2015-16). As an education management consultant, she has worked with multiple non-profit organizations on establishing monitoring and evaluation systems for life-skills training modules.This article (the second in the trilogy) for MENTOR explores life skills pedagogy through the powerful medium of cinema highlighting School Cinema as a successful and innovative intervention.

Life Skills Based Education in Indian Schools

What comes to our mind when we think of ‘school subjects’? Math, Languages, Science, Social Sciences

Cinema-infinite scope for innovation

Discussions around need and scope of life skills or skill development programs

The Innovative Life Skills Pedagogy

How fast are we able to recollect the story when a popular film is mentioned?