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What We Do

Mentor is India’s leading education publication that shares ideas, experiences and opinions with school principals and educators. It is a platform that facilitates life-long learning and professional development. Mentor is perfectly poised to be the new voice for education in India. The future of India is in the hearts of her students. The heart of a student is in the hands of a principal. That is why we have made Mentor a “Matter of Principal”.

The following four sections were created to categorise the articles according to context. This was intended to provide clarity of thought.


    The method or practise of teaching as an academic or theoretical concept, or curriculum development or designing are a few examples of the kind of articles that would feature under this category.


    Good school leadership is essential for growth and development of schools and also for improvement. The articles under this category may feature stories from the management, Principal, Founder or Director of the school and would help the reader focus on better practises in the educational space/ institutions.


    Yet again, a section that features contributors including Principals, Management, Founder, Director, Owner of the schools etc. who help in sharing ways used to develop and encourage the staff of the school, or in fact, improve the infrastructure, the methods or aids of teaching etc, from a governing or a managerial perspective.


    With technology overpowering a chunk of the human existence, this section shall carry the flavuor of new/improved teaching aids, how institutes could benefit from the same etc. The section may also cover interesting, unique or innovative methods practised by educators, or institutes which may be worth sharing.

Through our strong value system and strategised content delivery, we aim to touch the lives of educators all over India and drive change in the education system effectively and efficiently.

Why We Do it

For years, principals have been competing against each other for jobs, resources and accolades. In recent times, with constant pressure from the media and central administration, they have been feeling inadequate. Mentor gives school principals a platform on which they could work together to reinstate their position. Mentor is going to be an agent for change, not just for a few schools but for the educational system overall. It will bring about an enhanced sense of a learning community, principal empowerment and expanded leadership roles. It allows the principal to move into a realm that will be more powerful, more productive and significantly impact the teaching and learning process.

In short, Mentor is going to be the platform for heads, teachers, parents, the Government and students to come together on a single platform and change the system. You are important too, because better education is everybody’s business.

Think of the collective wisdom of all our principals. As more and more of these respected heads reach retirement, there is going to be a tremendous loss of craft knowledge of principalship. This craft knowledge will be of tremendous value to the next generation of school leaders, and Mentor is one way to capture what surely comprises the true national treasury.

Keeping in mind today’s busy and over-committed reader, Mentor has been designed with compact care, including vital and necessary contemporary issues relating to education, even as the magazine perfects the art of getting straight to the point. Moreover, it has been divided furthermore, into four segments – Pedagogy, School Governance, School Leadership and Innovation for easy comprehension and better alignment of thoughts and ideas shared. These segments encompass the gamut of education and give the articles, their desired structure.

How We Do it

There are certain values that the Mentor team seeks to uphold while curating and publishing content which are as follows:



All information that is shared through Mentor is true and based on facts and should be subject to verification whenever required.



We are passionate about the work we do because we believe in the importance of this work and we will stop at nothing to provide valuable information every month on time.



Everyone working in the Mentor team believes that if an article is not received, then the next possible option is looked at and this will carry on until a suitable article is attained in order to meet the deadlines on time.



Mentor deals with senior, reputed members of the society and there is a certain decorum and respect that needs to be maintained when talking to principals. We strongly believe in this value and it cannot be taken lightly at any point.

I am not a teacher, but an awakener.
― Robert Frost